Hack&Dev – (Mainly some small applications)

HowettNet – (Themes)

iAccess – (Chinese localization Add-Ons) – (Games patches and hacks, some books, utilities, installd patch and more)

Marcin Laber (mls) (Polish localization Add-Ons)

iClarified (Add-Ons mainly for firmware 2.0)

iFon1 (Themes and some utilities for iPhone)

iFoneguide (Mainly themes, cydgets and nederlands localization and also has packager)

iFoneTec ( MiVTones for 3.0)

install0us (install0us beta and source) (Will be down forever as the install0us project has stopped) (Hebrew localization)

iPhoneIslam (Arabic localization) (Some tweaks)

iPhoneModding (Many themes and ringtones) (Themes, Carrier bundle and tweaks)

iSpazio (Varies from themes to tweak, ringtones to Add-ons)

miPhone (Themes, mods and ringtones)

Modmyi ( Basically anything except for cracked app)

iPhone-patch (Bulgarian and Serbian localization)

MyGreatiPhone (Themes, Cydgets, Add-ons) (Utilities and terminal support)

SaladSoft (Piano chord dictionary)

Overload Network (Themes) (Cracked Cydia apps, themes and more)

Comcute & Gecko (Estonian localization)

PwnCenter (Mainly themes and ringtones)

Ranbee (Toys, themes, small games)

RupertGee iCydia (Themes and ringtones)

Telesphorio/Tangelo (Saurik main repository, a lot of system files)

Sos iPhone Cydia (French localization, themes, fixes in french)

srtDesignLabs (Themes)

Ste Packaging (Ebook, entertainment, utilities and more) (Themes)

Urbanfanatics (nothing for now)

Winterboarder (Themes) (Ultrasn0w)

Zodttd & MacCiti (Themes, emulators, ringtones and more) (Themes and ringtones) Add-ons and weatherIcon mod)

BeyouriPhone (Mainly cracked Cydia apps) (Installous old version and Appsync)

Simonv (Lockinfo Add-ons) apt (Themes)

xSellize (Themes, mods, cracked apps and many more)

SiNfuL iPhone (Cracked Apps)

iCauseFx(Mainly Cracked Apps)

CS Development (MV2I and more)



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